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If Installing Lync Online PowerShell module and Lync Server PowerShell module, install Lync Server module first

Published 17/08/2014 - 0 Comments

If you want to install both Lync Server PowerShell module (installed via ocscore.msi Administrative tools) and Lync Online PowerShell module, you must install the Lync Server module first, otherwise Lync Server module overwrites some files/settings required in the Lync Online Module. Microsoft detail the issue here: Can’t use Windows PowerShell Module for Lync Online after […]

How to Set your Public IM/Skype and Lync Federation Preferences in Lync Online/ Office 365

Published 24/06/2014 - 1 Comment

Login to your admin console with an Office 365 admin account   Head to admin/Lync   Then head to Organisation / External Communications     You have 3 options, Off completely (no federation), on except for blocked (open with option of blocking), on only for allowed (closed federation on a per domain basis) Note, […]

Administering Lync Online with PowerShell

Published 12/01/2014 - 4 Comments

As with other office 365 offerings, Lync Online can be managed via PowerShell. There is a specific PowerShell connector module for Lync Online. This quick post goes through the process of connecting to Lync online and what you can do. You don’t need any Lync Server bits installed to mange Lync Online, but you do […]

Live Meeting moving to Lync Online

Published 25/06/2011 - 0 Comments

Dell have let people know that at the end of their contacts Live Meeting customers will be offered to  renew into the Lync Online Meeting service (apparently the Live Meeting SKU was removed from the price list this month). Existing Live Meeting customers will be able to continue to use the service as long as […]