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Find Lync Phone Edition Phones being used on Skype for Business Online

Published 16/04/2018 - 2 Comments



Since the news that Lync Phone Edition will no longer work on Skype for Business Online from October 31st 2018, I’ve been asked by a few customers, “how can I check if I have any Lync Phone Edition Phones on my Skype for Business Online”.

You can do this in Call Quality Diagnostics, which is included in Skype for Business Online for every customer at

In CQD you can create custom reports:

Go to Detailed Reports



Create a new report


Select Dimensions of First User Agent, First Network and Second Network.

First User Agent is the user’s device


From this we can then filter by “CPE” which is “Communications Phone Edition” which was the name before “Lync Phone Edition”.


If your networks are mapped in CQD this will show you where those phones are by subnet.

Unfortunately CQD does not hold user identifiable information, so doesn’t show who the users are. Third party reporting products like Modality Diagnostics can report who the users are (plug plug Smile, I work for Modality Systems).

Tom Arbuthnot

Tom Arbuthnot

Principal Solutions Architect at Modality Systems
Tom Arbuthnot is Principal Solutions Architect at Unified Communications specialist Modality Systems. He is a Microsoft Certified Master and MVP, blogger, has a regular podcast with UCToday at and is a regular speaker at events including Microsoft TechEd and Ignite. He co-runs The Microsoft UC User Group London.


Jeff Schertz - 25/04/2018 Reply

Probably worth pointing out that even LPE devices registered to Skype for Business Server yet using Exchange Online will be impacted as well. They won’t necessary be paperweights as the SIP registration still functions, but calendaring, centralized call logs, Visual Voice Mail, and other Exchange-related features will fail in October once connectivity to Exchange Online is unavailable for these phones.

Microsoft has additional guidance on this updated post:

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