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#Lync 2013 Client September 2013 CU Released: New Spell Check, Tray Icon Back

Published 21/09/2013 - 27 Comments

The Lync 2013 client September 2013 Cumulative Update is available now here. This update brings long asked for spell check to Lync client:



Note: By default spell check only works if you also have Office 2013 Installed. However Richard found you can install the standalone Office 2013 proofing tools to have it work with Office 2007 or 2010/Lync 2013 combo:, clever

x64 –

x86 –

I also noticed “Paste Unformatted” is new, something I often do with an Autohotkey script, so that will be handy



The July 2013 Update Removed the Presence Tray Icon, I’m please that is now back too

Before and After, from “L” to “Green Presence”:

image       image

The listed fixes are:

  • 2880161 You can’t drag a contact from Lync 2013 to another application
  • 2880163 Proxy authentication dialog box appears when you sign in to Lync 2013
  • 2880164 Instant message sent from Lync Web App displays wrong symbols in Lync 2013
  • 2880167 Can’t sign in to Lync 2013 when a user logs on to a computer by using an account from a different AD forest
  • 2882812 A proxy authentication dialog box appears when you upload a PowerPoint presentation in Lync 2013
  • 2882813 Can’t sign in to Lync 2013 on a computer that is running Windows 7
  • 2882814 Extended character is displayed incorrectly in a disclaimer in Lync 2013
  • 2854650 You cannot start a collaboration application that is integrated with Lync 2013


It’s interesting there are a number of references to the known Proxy Authentication Prompt Issue, I hope that is fixed, I’ll report back on how customers with the issue get on.

The new version is 15.0.4535.1002


Install Process (be aware of Office 2013 pre-requisite patches)

For those who are rolling it out, this time there are 3 office 2013 patches are are dependencies.

  • 2727096 Description of the Office 2013 update: August 13, 2013
  • 2817624 Description of the Office 2013 update: September 10, 2013
  • 2817626 Description of the Office 2013 update: September 10, 2013

This is a bit of a pain (same with CU2), but this time at least it’s very clear in the KB. I ran windows update today before installing the patch and found I had all the pre-requisite patches, but be sure you are up to date on Office patches before rolling this. Want to check if you have the correct patches installed without scrolling through the Installed patches list, check out:  List All Microsoft/Windows Updates with PowerShell Sorted by KB/HotFixID : Get-MicrosoftUpdate for a quick sorted list of all installed updates. I’m not sure if the installer does a pre-req check (I’d guess not as July CU didn’t). If you don’t have these patches you may see odd issues, as people did with CU2

Once you have those patches it’s just the usual patch install process. I installed it while running Lync/Office and was asked to reboot my machine.

Known Issues

It has been reported on a MSFT Blog that this may cause Issue with Presence Not Updating Based on Free/Busy from Exchange Calendar. I have yet to test this.

Tom Arbuthnot

Tom Arbuthnot

Principal Solutions Architect at Modality Systems
Tom Arbuthnot is Principal Solutions Architect at Unified Communications specialist Modality Systems. He is a Microsoft Certified Master and MVP, blogger, has a regular podcast with UCToday at and is a regular speaker at events including Microsoft TechEd and Ignite. He co-runs The Microsoft UC User Group London.


Jeffcsp - 24/09/2013 Reply

I never understood why you want spell check for IM, defeats the whole purpose of quick efficient communications. Use email if you want to be succinct and grammatically correct?


    Jeff Schertz - 26/09/2013 Reply

    Exactly. I’ll trade the new annoying squiggly line under 1/5th of my words for my Calendar presence working again. Getting pinged all day long now by people who don’t know that I’m in a meeting.

Lync 2013 client “Network Password Required to Connect” Proxy Issue | Tom Arbuthnot's Lync'd Up Blog - 24/09/2013 Reply

[…] 24/9/2013: A number of reports say that this issue is resolved in Lync 2013 Client September Cumulative Update (CU3). If/when I understand what has changed I will post, but for now if you are having the issue please […]

Dennis Lundtoft Thomsen - 25/09/2013 Reply

The KB regarding the presence issue has been published here

James Elliott - 27/09/2013 Reply

The good news is that this update does appear to have resolved our issue with the proxy authentications popping up all the time, happy days! Shame that the Spell Check only works if you have Office 2013 installed and not just Lync 2013 using office 2010 as we have in our environment.

James Elliott - 30/09/2013 Reply

Nice one. Thanks very much Tom, oh & Richard of course!

Damir Nazor - 02/10/2013 Reply

I found your page and you look like a guy to ask one simple question :)

How to change spell check language? My default spell check language is Croatian but I really need spell checking for English.

I’m unable to find this option in Lync 2013.

Thanks in advance!


    Tom Arbuthnot - 03/10/2013 Reply

    Actually I’m not sure, but I’d bet its dictated by the office language settings?

      Damir Nazor - 04/10/2013 Reply

      I thought so also but English is set as default in Office 2013 Language Preferences and still it spell checks Croatian only.

      Well, many thanks anyway!


        Damir Nazor - 11/10/2013 Reply

        Just to update you that I’ve found the answer.
        Lync uses Language bar selection for spell check language switching.


Ola - 03/10/2013 Reply

Just use win+space to switch between your languages and Lync will spell check based on that.

Gary - 09/10/2013 Reply

Hi, tried the update but still getting the network password challange, if I check my product version I get 15.04.4535.1507 MSO 15.0.4517.1504)64bit
which suggests to me CU3 did not apply correctly and so I am still at base. Any thoughts?

    Tom Arbuthnot - 10/10/2013 Reply

    Indeed. lots of reports of it working and version should be 15.0.4535.1002. Try the patch again?/check the patch/or talk to your desktop support guys,,,,

Guido Cannaerts - 24/10/2013 Reply

I only want to have my Lync tray Icon changing color based on presence, just like it was before. Can I do that, without taking the risk of having other things changed ? (really appreciate the support)

Henrik Jensen - 22/11/2013 Reply

The spellchecker is nice, but how do you change the languages from English till onces native language such as in this case Danish?
We are running Lync 2013 on Win 8.1

Barny - 26/03/2015 Reply

So Lync developers don’t understand that a keyboard layout (language bar) is NOT the same as the language I want to use for spell-checking. Unbelievable… They ignore the office 2013 defaults, the operating system language options and use the keyboard layout??? Ignorant Idiots

    Tony - 24/06/2015 Reply

    You can have different keyboards associated with one language. ie Input language English on a Portuguese keyboard

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