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Windows 8: Enable Wake on LAN (WOL) by disabling Fast Startup (HiberbootEnabled)

Published 19/08/2012 - 9 Comments

Just a quick post but I’m sure I’m not the only person who will hit this. I noticed that in Windows 8 Consumer Preview I couldn’t get Wake on LAN (WOL) to work on hardware that had been fine for WOL before. A bit of digging around lead me to disabling “fast boot” or fast startup in order to get it to work. Basically fast startup is sort of like a hibernated start, key files are loaded from a disk image to memory to allow faster boot, but it seems to be incompatible with WOL.

In Windows 8 CP there was a tick box in the Control Panel to disable it


Update 24/11/2012: Thanks to Gizmoe in the comments, this option is in the RTM version of Windows 8, under Control Panel, Power Options “Change what the power buttons do”, then at the bottom “shutdown settings”. You will need to click the button to get to the administrator UAC level.

In RTM the option has gone, but you can still disable it via a registry key

Step 1: Open the Windows Registry editor

Step 2:open key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ ControlSet001 \ Control \ Session Manager \ Power

Step 3: Locate the key HiberbootEnabled and double-click on it

Step 4: Set the value of the key to 0 to deactivate fast boot

Step 5: To restore the setting at a later time, change it back to 1.

Step 6: next open key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Session Manager \ Power

Step 7: Locate HiberbootEnabled there and double-click the entry and Change the value of the key to 0 to deactivate Fast Boot.

Source Credit: Tech2Fun




After setting this Wake on LAN was once again working nicely in Windows 8 RTM.


Tom Arbuthnot

Tom Arbuthnot

Principal Solutions Architect at Modality Systems
Tom Arbuthnot is Principal Solutions Architect at Unified Communications specialist Modality Systems. He is a Microsoft Certified Master and MVP, blogger, has a regular podcast with UCToday at and is a regular speaker at events including Microsoft TechEd and Ignite. He co-runs The Microsoft UC User Group London.


starfall - 01/11/2012 Reply


Gizmoe - 23/11/2012 Reply

The option is still available in the RTM ‘Power’ control panel GUI if you select ‘Choose what the power button does’.

There is some more info on this in the KB article:

Fr33 - 27/11/2012 Reply

You saved me a lot of time !
Thanks !
WOLI + RDP all set now :)

Tabu - 19/12/2012 Reply

I am unable to configure the IPv4 for broadband connection in my Windows 8 pro, its always showing limited connection, still its getting internet connection, but when starting browsing, the machine starts restarting.. please advise how can i fix it.

    Tom Arbuthnot - 19/12/2012 Reply


    This problem doesn’t sound related to the post. Can you post the question on the technet forums, send me a link and I will take a look


Wake on LAn WOL geht nicht- Asrock H87M Pro4 - 03/10/2013 Reply

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