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A first look at Xync (now renamed Xavy) Lync client on iOS iPhone/iPad

Published 11/08/2011 - 31 Comments

As you may have head, Xync, the Lync client for iOS from damaka is now available on the apple app store.

The iPhone and iPad apps are separate, $19.99 each. They could make the names a little clearer, I think a lot of people will miss this.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I work for Modality systems, and we also have an iPhone/iPad OCS/Lync app, iDialog, that works via the OCS CWA server for instant messaging and presence.



I had a quick play with the iPad app tonight on my iPad2. Note I haven’t tested on the iphone, please share if you have

It signed in over the edge, no additional server or setup on the Lync side, just sip uri, domain and password required.

Below are a few screenshots (click to enlarge)

Sign in screen

ipad 004

Once you’ve signed in you have all your contact groups

ipad 006

ipad 011

You can set your presence

ipad 025

The cog gives you preferences

ipad 007

Hitting the keypad on bottom right allows you to make a regular phone call

ipad 008


Clicking a user gives you the following options


Instant Message

ipad 014

Voice calls and Video calls

ipad 018

The video looks ok on the iPad, but it was blocky and slow to update on the Lync end. (both clients signed in over edge, together on good local Wifi)


Full screen (note the blue is just the ipad covering the laptop camera)


You can do other tasks while in a call and come back to the call (not sure why it says recording)


And the client will run in the background. It appears to run for the same 9 minutes or so that the modality client does, this seems to be a restriction around IOS’s capabilities

Incoming call:



Incoming IM


And it can handle multiple sessions

ipad 024

Overall it’s looking pretty good for a first release. I had no crashes when using it on the ipad2, I did have one instance where it was signed in on the ipad, but didn’t actually appear signed in from other Lync clients (no presence, IM failed), but a sign in and out fixed that.

Video isn’t exactly VGA or HD, but it works, looks far better on the iPad end than the Lync end.

It’s great to see an app signing in directly over the edge server with no extra setup on the Lync side.

I was testing with myself so didn’t really get a chance to test call quality/lag, I’ll post as I play a little more.

It would be good if there was a free limited trial for testing.

If anyone else has any feedback please share.


Update 12/10/2011: I’ve had feedback from a number of people that the client is quite buggy and that support is basically non-responsive. Similar story for the android client. Worth considering before laying down £20 for the client. – Tom

Tom Arbuthnot

Tom Arbuthnot

Principal Solutions Architect at Modality Systems
Tom Arbuthnot is Principal Solutions Architect at Unified Communications specialist Modality Systems. He is a Microsoft Certified Master and MVP, blogger, has a regular podcast with UCToday at and is a regular speaker at events including Microsoft TechEd and Ignite. He co-runs The Microsoft UC User Group London.


Daniel - 13/08/2011 Reply

I installed Xync on my iPad2 (up to date sw/fw) 64 MB/3G. The application is able to auto-configure and log into the Lync server, but it crashes while it loads my contacts and their statuses.

On 3G cellular, crash.
On WiFI, crash.
On VPN, crash.

Posted problem on Xync website. No reply yet.

    Tom Arbuthnot - 13/08/2011 Reply

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve heard of crashing on the android version but not the iPad. Have you tried reseting iPad to clear memory. Maybe try a different Lync account if you can, maybe there is a contact name/format on your list it doesn’t like?


John - 16/08/2011 Reply

Hi I have tried it on my iphone 3GS. Works great on wireless both internal and external but over 3G the app crashes all the time on sign in.

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Haroh - 03/09/2011 Reply

i would like to try this buy the price is too much. I wish they could offer a trial period.

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kcjefff - 22/09/2011 Reply

Did you have an opportunity to test with a bluetooth headset?

    Tom Arbuthnot - 23/09/2011 Reply

    No I didn’t sorry. Will see if I can find one to test with.


Jason B - 27/09/2011 Reply

Great review, more screenshots than the vendor provides. I spent 2 weeks emailing them asking for a trial/demo – I got no response at all, not even a “no”. From that, I can only imagine what their support would be like. I think I’ll be holding out for a less buggy version.

Steve Jobs - 06/10/2011 Reply

Have you seen their website?…nothing works. They rushed this product out the door to cash in before a more stable Microsoft product hits the market.

Save your money! Microsoft will release their version soon.

Alex - 15/10/2011 Reply

Works well with our Hosted Lync solution. Sometimes however you need to start the iPhone App several times before you are able to login.

Even tested successful with video on 3G with t-mobile here in the Netherlands.

Promising for a first release !

Sonni - 19/10/2011 Reply

I have tried Xync and have the following problems on iPad.

1. Phonecall. If I make a call fra iPad to iPhone over Xync (Lync network), it rings on my phone, when I pick up the phone, the line i dead, but it keep ringing on the iPad for 5-10 sec. more.

2. Videocall. I never get video of the other person.

3. Contacts. I cant get Exchange distribution group in Xync.

But the good part is thay I wrote Damaka, and they just wrote back, that would very much like to have a Lync Videocall with me, to tell about Xync and hear about the problems I have meet.

Gavin Michael - 25/10/2011 Reply

What is the difference between Xync-HD and XyncConf-HD?

Randy - 15/11/2011 Reply

I just bought the Xynx Colab client – they are having a sale on all 3 clients thru the end of the year. I am on an iPhone 4 with wifi and everything works great – no crashes. I’ve had an audio call, IM, had a contact share their desktop and a video call. Haven’t tried the file transfer yet. But so far – I’m liking it!

Craig - 12/12/2011 Reply

I have the iphone client for about 2 weeks now and I really wished I had saved my money. First of all the client drains the battery, 2nd, I have bluetooth enabled for my car phone and when the client is active it tries to call my own phone and after that freezes the iphone. Save your money! this app is definitely worth it.

Andy - 14/12/2011 Reply

Just bought this for just testing. It’s working and all, but some features seems to be missing. One of the annoying missing part was the inability to pull up a dial-pad to type in the conference ID to join a online conference… When I click on the dialpad while on call to the conference, it just says I can’t make another call while in a call… This can be one of the things that will be fixed by next update, but by then, the Microsoft Lync Client for iOS will have been approved by apple store, probably…

Steve shepherd - 28/05/2012 Reply

We are testing Xavy with a multi tenant deployment of lync r2.
We get connected but cannot hear anything or see any video.
Will report back on our support call with damaka!!

A. R. Rørvik - 29/05/2012 Reply


A Xavy client for Linux would be a real gem! Microsoft will most probably never produce a full-fledged client for Linux supporting all the services that are present on Mac and Windows today. Microsoft will improve and compete with Xavy on *anything* but Linux (IMHO), so Linux is indeed a (huge?) market opportunity for damaka :-)

agdagd - 02/06/2012 Reply

Does HD mean High Def or its some name .. if HD what resolution do they do, because the video looks very pixelated may it be only 352×240. Can some one actually find the exact video resolution damaka are doing,

    Tom Arbuthnot - 03/06/2012 Reply

    Believe it’s just a name, the video is not actually “HD”


Bogdan Pintea - 21/07/2012 Reply

We released updated Xavy and Xavy HD on the App Store last week. I strongly encourage everybody to upgrade and report their experience. Much appreciated. Ping me directly ([email protected]) with any issues you are still experiencing or questions.

    Tom Arbuthnot - 23/07/2012 Reply

    Thanks for the comment Bogdan. I will test when I get a chance

Luis Ferreira - 16/08/2012 Reply

using Xavy-HD ver. 6.28.030515 since yesterday. No problems detected. Good Product.

Johanna Tippets - 04/11/2012 Reply

I have 3gs on 6.15.00 on ios 4.1 can i update it to 5.1 using this method????

Martin - 11/04/2013 Reply

I am using the latest Xavy on my iPhone 4S and iPad 2 (version 6.30.011713.3). It runs very stable, the VoIP works great, even the sharing and taking control. The only unsolved issue is, that only very few of my contacts show the correct status. Most of them are flaged as Unknown. When I have Lync open on my laptop I can compare the correct status.
Unfortunately I have not found any clue in the internet what the problem might be.
Does anyone has the same problem? Or has anyone any idea how to fix that?

Regards, Martin

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