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Microsoft Teams PSTN Audio Conferencing and/or Cloud Phone System PSTN Calling Users must also have SfBO Plan 2 Assigned

Published 19/02/2018 - 0 Comments

An interesting issue that one of our senior consultants came across. Microsoft Teams users can now have PSTN Audio Conferencing (conferencing with phone numbers)  and/or Cloud Phone System and PSTN Calling Plans (a real phone number and make and receive calls). However these abilities can’t be assigned unless the user account also has Skype for […]

Microsoft Teams On Linux, What’s the Story?

Published 17/02/2018 - 2 Comments

Right now Microsoft Teams in not supported in Linux, even in a web browser. It will load in a web browser and appears functional, but without audio/video support. This is on Ubuntu in Firefox: There is a request for a native Linux client on user voice with over 2,500 votes: As of the 30th […]

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